Benefits of boosting testosterone hormone

Good testosterone level in your body is the doorway to a great sex is romance. Nevertheless, there are a lot of men who have not got it right so as to make their women enjoy sex to the full. This therefore necessitates the need to know how to romance a woman.

Above all things, a woman loves to be touched affectionately. They are emotional creatures; they thrive on feelings. If you want your woman to have good sex, you know how to caress her very well. She must be in the mood before her body can respond adequately to sexual stimulus.

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If you are the kind of man who knows how to romance a woman, you are well on the way to make your woman become a sexually insatiable person who will love to be with you more often than you expect. Her sexual appetite will double up quickly. Good romance is memorable to most women. You must understand the act. Testogen supplement certainly helps!

Now, here are simple tips on how to romance a woman.

  1. Take a shower together in the bathroom. Spray some sweet-smelling perfume on the bed while blue light is on.

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  1. Massage her back from the shoulders down to the buttocks. Then, with her face up, massage her laps with gentle stroke.

  2. Give her a gentle smooching. Gently rub the nipples with your fingers until they become tough, showing that she is being sexually turned on.

  3. Then, with the tip of your tongue, stroke the tip of the nipples. If you have some peppermint at home, take it. It will make your mouth cool for sucking the breasts. Do that for a while.

  4. While doing your smooching, kiss her affectionately too. It must be a deep kiss. Sometimes, stick out the tongue to touch hers.

  5. Caress other sensitive parts of her body, of which you should have known before the romance. For instance, some women respond to touch on their laps, lobes of the ears, the soles of the feet, and so on. Simply ask her. You could also stimulate her in those areas with the tip of the tongue.

  6. Don’t keep dumb! Talk to her about your feelings. Say sex-saturated words to enhance her mood for sex. Generally, women are moved by what they hear.

Say words like:

i. Having sex with you gives me joy. ii. Sweetheart, I feel great when I’m inside you. iii. Oh, how your body is full of pleasure! iv. Your boobs are sweet! v. No other woman can ever do it like you do!

  1. To enable her have a great orgasm, rub her clitoral area slightly. Meanwhile, go with your smooching and kissing and caress. Stroke the clitoris. When you see sign that she is getting near orgasm, stop it.

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  1. After few minutes, resume the clitoral stimulation. Repeat such process for like four to five times. By so doing, she will have become extremely stimulated.

  2. At this point, she is fully ready for a pleasurable sex episode. Quickly take her on top. Depending on her taste, that’s possibly the best position at that instance. She is likely going to scream in ecstasy.

enter image description here 11. Give analingus! Yes, Anal sex can be painful for her and to men also. It is very difficult to insert penis inside anus without lots of practice, patience and lube. So the better option is to give oral delight to her anus.

Don't strait away rip her panty and insert your tongue into her asshole. Instead caress, kiss, lick her buttocks and surrounding areas. Then gently start kissing anus. If she is not comfortable stop it. Never force... make sure that she is completely clean and she feels good about it.

That’s how to romance a woman and get her asking for more. It may take time. Every great sex episode usually takes time. So, patience is required if you want to please your woman.

3 Ways In Which You Can Spice Up Your Sex Life

After first few years of marriage, there is a general lackadaisical effort from partners to bring back the sexual exuberance which used to exist some time back in their lives. This article give three tips to spice up sex life.

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  1. Plan a day out and also keep an element of Surprise

It is very important that the two of you go out together for an outing. You need to take out time for each other only for Sex. It is going to be the sex day of your fortnight or month as the way you want it. But stick to it. It has to be a complete day and night out.There also needs to be an element of surprise. You need to say that there is some surprise element which would unfold once you meet. Secondly through out the week keep mentioning about your feeling of meeting on that particular day.

Let there be anticipation and mystery surrounding the Sex day!

  1. Do not repeat the same place of sex for more than thrice

Do not repeat the same place of sex more than thrice. Monotonous and predictable sexual habits would lead to dull sex life. You need to create a spark through complete changes which are rocking. These would be the change in sex position or the lighting changes or could also be change in prop and place.

  1. Try out new timings of sex.

This might come to you as a surprise but just think you plan to come home early and have sex just before lunch in the afternoon. Place being the same but timing is completely different.Mid night 3 AM you start arousing and seducing each other for the fantastic climax at 4 AM. Provided the next day is a Holiday.Because the novelty would bring in great romance.

With this I come to conclusion of my first part on tips to spice up sex life.This is just a glimpse. You can click below for more information.

Now you know what can simple Niacin supplement do. It enhances your love making power with your spouse. Lots of sex = happy marriage/relationship!

Author: Michelle Demko

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